I'm never here lol

2016-06-06 00:26:19 by Nova1Duke

yeah dude uh i dont plan on uploading here so dont expect it thanks

God damn it Newgrounds. . . .

2012-03-14 06:35:50 by Nova1Duke

Hehe hey guys, been such a long time hasn't it? Well yeah, I sort of left due to being on other sites, I guess I must've completely forgotten about the fact I had an account here! XD But yeah. I plan on being more active and shit on this site. Also, you may not know this but recently I have gotten a wacom bamboo tablet! So yeah, I will be doing some actual fullbody animations and will most likely put them on here. So yeah. Just want to give you guys a little update. Bye. :D

New N1D Special :D

2011-06-20 09:32:48 by Nova1Duke

Hey guys, been a while yet again, as you can I am making the Trilogy of my N1D Specials celebrating the forth of July.... I know that no one really makes anims about that holiday but one of my friends wanted me to make one and the only holiday I could find is that one lol, I've actually been working on it for a few days now and been doing all nighters as well, this is going to be like a 2 min animation movie lol, so yeah, for more information about it go to my DevaintART page right here http://nova1duke.deviantart.com/
and that is it, see you guys later...

So many to Finish @____@

2011-01-27 23:05:47 by Nova1Duke

Look, I have SOOOOO MANY FLASHES TO FINISH, I MEAN MANY, when im done with one Ima post it here on NEWGROUNDS YAAAAY, lol one of them is gonna be called" Legend of Zelda Stick Fig Short" the title may be long though ._. ANYWHO, don' expect anything for a while lol K??? ALSO GO TO MY DEVAINTART PAGE, IMA POST LITTLE SNEAK PEAK PICTURES OF MY FLASHES :DDD, anywho....bye LINK---> http://nova1duke.deviantart.com/

Christmas :D

2010-12-02 00:59:21 by Nova1Duke

YAY Christmas is coming :D

And that means ima make a N1D CHRISTMAS SPECAIL *DA DA DAAAAAA*
anyway, yeah ima make one, and its gonna have another RHG character.
He is one of the BEST stick figure animators EVER......TERKOIZ!!!!!!!!1!!!11
YAY Terkoiz woo.
So yeah, thats all i have to say now so LATERZ!!

look, on my last post you will see a sneak peak photo of my new movie, what happened was when i was about to finish it, my apartment had a black out, and my dumbass self only saved the barley beginning. i'm so f*cking pissed right now, so i had to cancel it because i didn't feel like doing it all over again, so yeah.........>:[

thanksgivin :)

2010-11-01 22:35:47 by Nova1Duke

this is the month of thanksgivin, thats means i wont be here till december cuz me and my family want to vist our relitives in mexico. so yeah, i can bring my laptop with me, but i cant make any animations on it,1: i dont have flash on it,2: even if i had flash, it would be FUCKIN hard to make animations with the square-mouse-pad thingy, anywho, idk when ima leave cuz mah parents wouldnt tell me, so yeah, OH YEAH, also ima put a lil pic here as a lil "sneak peak" for my new movie lol, so LATER

thanksgivin :)


2010-10-23 19:40:22 by Nova1Duke

hello fellow newgrounders, as you can see, i hadnt made a new animation, well THATS GONNA STOP CUZ I MADE A NEW ANIMATION!!!!!!!!8D its gonna be uploaded today!!!! so later, also, RANDOM SHOOP DA WHOOP!!!!!! BWAAAAAAAAAH